One Side Texture

Hey is there some sort of texture/material in Gmod that allows you to looks from one side but from the other side there is like some sort of wall? Some time ago i saw a video on youtube that had that material. The guy made a Bank/vault out of it. If somebody can tell me where i can get it I would really appreciate it

Go to Usefull construction props and click the black gate(it should be near the top).Apply any texture to it and have fun with youre 1-sided wall!

What if he is mapping?

Use the nodraw texture :downs:

If he wants a custom one sided prop, he’s gonna have to model it himself.

There’s a mapping forum for that.

This is the mapping forum.

Also, nodraw.

Do you mean texture that you can use to turn any prop into a one-sided window or in mapping sense? Because it’s easily mapped, impossible to do as texture you can use ingame.

No, no not mapping. I just need a texture that i can use to like spy on people. hehe. Like you can see just trough one side from the other you see like metal or something (not needed to be metal) And yes PLing I’m talking about a one sided window.

P.S. I made this in the General Discussion Section, but somebody moved it to the mapping forum. They might have thought that I’m talking about a mapping material/texture


Er… are you kidding, just make the face you want to look through a glass texture or nodraw texture.

1 side wall texture, 1 side glass texture, done. You now have a flawless one-way wall.

Guy123 is right. The black door work perfectly. Thanks!