"One small drop of that god damn virus turned this whole city to shit" a Man Getting Ambushed By Infected Motherfuckers in a Building

Listen to thissss


My first FPS pose, ever, even if it’s hardly visible.
Rate, comment and that kind of shit.

Sure are some motherfuckers.

A man can’t even walk in a building anymore without some cannibalistic mother fuckers jumping on yah.

With that said:
AROOOOOOO (spiderdub fans will understand).

“Who wants to fight me- I mean Spider-Man?”

“Peter, a-are you Spider-Man?”

A shite side too dark, if you ask me.

edit: What I mean to say, is you can make things dark without making them solid black, you follow?

Either your monitor settings are too low or there is something else going on, because I can see it just fine.

It’s meant to be dark, the theme wouldn’t fit in a brightly lit room.

His legs almost completely blend into the dark grassy area. I’ve got an LED monitor on fairly bright settings.

very atmospheric, but I can barely see the gun (it’s a gun, right?


See?! I’m not crazy, I tells ya!

The letterboxing MAY have something to do with it. :v:

Didn’t find the gun first but it’s pretty good.

Gun’s too dark broh, everything else’s cool though

That’s looking lovely. Took me a while to realize it’s revolver on the right.