One Soldier is covering behind soldier

look at my jeans!
how about it?

They look like civilians who got guns but they are kuul.
Have an artistic.

it’s just Modern Warfare 2 Skins… Look like… but not same

Gosh, the crouched-position posing is awesome. It looks really realistic!
The rope behind just ruins the whole picture.
Nice filters too, adds an interesting touch.

God damn how’d you guys get such good crouch poses

Very Thanks! :smiley:


i fixed .phy files

Glass part of the shield is made out of metal?

maybe metal

Blue jeans are a little too bright, and the glass part should have glass impacts instead of metal.

Those jeans are too blue.

they’re supposed to look like civs… they are probably special forces/PMCs.

Where did you get them?

Judging from “* fixed [the] .phy files”, one could assume he skinned them himself.

Very beautiful posing, i’d make the pistol a bit closer to the guy’s chest though. Oh and the clothes just look FABULOOUUUS!!!

Jeans are too blue, gray them up a little.

I think so too.

Also top is too white, if there is such a thing.
Great poses though.

i think so too (again…)
well I will fix my skin soon

Looks awesome, have an artistic.

what kinda name is soap?