one soldier sneaks up behind the other

shit title, i know. I’m not that creative.

mostly just trying to get better at photoshop. I tried snow here.



Posing is good, finger posing is wierd and try to to make snow like, hitting them both.

Looks more like rain.

Snow isn’t so torrential, it comes down softer and less condensed, and it wouldn’t all be going in exactly the same direction. Try making bigger tufts, and have them floating lazily around the screen. It would also help if the picture looked “colder” have a cooler color pallet (more blues and greys) and it would help the atmosphere.

Otherwise, looks nice. You have some good editing potential.

Any more criticism/compliments?

The posing looks pretty good to be honest, Maybe less blur on the last picture.

I hate how the screen cuts off of that radio there.

When doing snow, you should erase the layers of snow that are further away where the characters are so it looks like they’re in front of it. Just adds to the realism.