One thing about all gun addons broken in the latest gmod update.

Every gun add-on I install has broken distant gun sounds except the HL2 Mad Cow weapons because they rely off of the default working HL2 gun scripts but for some reason everything else is silent and even CSS guns. For instance I have tested this where I’ve had several people stand near me in game and I fired many weapons and they couldn’t hear me shooting but they heard the bullets whizzing and hitting where I was shooting but no gun sound… Many other people I know have noticed this too ever since the latest GMod update…

If the guns used sound manifests, then those should be fixed in the next update.

FYI, they are called sound scripts, not manifests.
Manifest is a file that includes other files, basically like a list. ( Not necessarily files )

I’m talking about the sounds in sound manifest files, not scripts/sounds. I.E.

Sound( "Weapon_SLAM.SatchelThrow" )

These add-ons have had many updates since the break and nothing has been spoken about fixing the issue, are you talking about on the next Garry’s Mod update?


I hope he updates it quick, one thing I find strange though is that there’s a decent amount of servers who’ve bypassed this problem. I don’t yet know how.

They probably changed all sound manifest sounds to actual sound paths.

Do you perhaps know what to fix about the manifests?

The only problem I see is when I start the server I get a load of these errors

CSoundEmitterSystemBase::AddSound( ‘FAS2_G3_S’, ‘scripts/sounds/lua.txt’, … ), script file not list in manifest ‘scripts/game_sounds_manifest.txt’

And they all are making errors for the audio’s that are not playing in-game from 3rd person point of view so I see reading manifest improperly is the issue here for sure.

I don’t know what sounds FAS uses, so you would have to find the sound paths yourself, go through all the files, and replace each sound. I would just wait imo

Oh, okay. Thanks man!