''One time! Dip!''


  • No original this time then, there’s just some smudging, blurring and…that’s pretty much it.

  • It’s a scenebuild, but I don’t have a screenshot of it and I guess I won’t get it, 'cause it’s about 2 AM here and I’m tired.

  • It’s based on the Menace II Society scene where they run away from the cruiser in the alleyway…yeah.


oh man these models are so bad but give a nice feeling of nostalgia.
BTW look at riders body and head :v:

sweet memories of gta san andreas :slight_smile: , now everyone are into GTA IV.
so gold star for bringing back something


In GTA IV is euphora and in facepunch is good english.
Sweet pic bro, makes me wanna reinstall the game again.

so fucking what? its way to late, even in hitman contracts it is!

I don’t understands what you are say

Ragdoll physics =/= Euphoria which is an advanced animation system.

You make my head hurt.

… where did this come into the discussion? urgh my head

Actually it’s not. It’s a neat ragdoll physics engine.