One Time...


What do you think about it?

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i think is very good, i mean very good , i dunno how did u even made those things

its a yes from me

I use HAT tool ( Henry Animation Tool ). It is easy to use and gives a good effect. Here’s the magic :smiley:

hat tool ei?.. i didn know that , thanks for the tip :smiley:

pretty epic and funny videos. Loved the use of combine voices

why are over half the posters all 2011’ers with no avatars.

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yeah cl_drawhud 0

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you grab a toilet out of your apartment to throw at a guy running from cops
what the fuck

Very cool. Animation is pretty good, considering the tools. HAT is cool, but the frame transition isn’t the best. Maybe work on a longer flick?

Absolutely nevermind what I posted, I thought I wouldn’t look like a moron for using word “epic”, but I did look like one in the end

awersome, nicely made;D

First one, as silly as it was, seemed to have some kind of plot direction, which the second vid would have been better with.

Great use of HAT mate. Maybe use ‘Camera’ when recording, removes HUD without console code, did you record the scenes as a demo first or just go straight with FRAPS/whatever you used?

I use FRAPS.