One trigger_teleport, two destinations, sorted by team

First, I’d like to say hi and I’m glad I found this resource. I’ve been mapping for about 14 years now, almost exclusively for HL2. Always loved pushing the limits of the engine and seeing what crazy things I could come up with to break the physics.

I hadn’t mapped for a few years because every time I tried it seemed like Valve had broken something that I didn’t have the patience to fix. Well, I’m finally back at it, working on a new project that I will eventually turn into a gmod game mode, (with the help of some friends that are better at code than I).

I have spent quite a bit of time researching to find and answer to this question and I couldn’t find anything specific, so I’m sorry if it’s been asked/answered already.

Here’s the question-

This will be a team game.
I’m currently mapping in Hammer, under HL2DM settings.
I have one trigger_teleport and two info_teleport_destinations.

Does anyone have any idea how I could get the trigger_teleport to teleport a player to a designated destination based on what team they’re on? I have tried a few ideas, but can’t seem to get things to work out properly.

Any ideas?

CS:S has filter_activator_team that can be used for this exact purpose. I don’t see why HL2DM wouldn’t?

That is one of the entities I’ve been playing with. Seems like it would be the secret to getting this type of mechanic to work. I think I’m getting confused on how to get the inputs and outputs to get along with each other.

you don’t need to mess with any I/O. simply make two separate teleport brushes, placed right on top of eachother or however you want to set it up. then create two filter_activator_team, give each a unique name, then enter those names under the Filter Name attribute on each teleport.

Oh crap… I think I was trying to severely over complicate things. That’s exactly what I needed to do!