One Womans Band

Don’t judge me for bad music selection.

Only click if you’re man enough

Original, if you’re into that kind of stuff

This was probably like sex - it was so good but also such a pain.

Editing was started by me, but then, someone probably special, probably talented and probably a superhero took it away from me and voila.
A thousand cookies still go to Ninja for literally hand guiding me through the lightning process so we don’t have purple lamps everywhere.


Nice analogy, and very excellent picture!
I could see Mistral doing this excellently :slight_smile:

cyborg autotune AND playback

shit show i demand a refund

i’m sorry sir, we’re a little underhanded

let our armed guards show you the complaint form

oh no you fucking didn’t


you caught me red-handed.

kill me

You got to hand it to the guy, he’s good with the puns.

The amount of them juggling through my mind while making the pose was really alarming

Excellent. Nice to see some original and funny ideas here:smile:

Where is that Mistral model from?

Ninja handed it to me.