One word.... BLOOD DRAGON.

Well ok that’s two words but you know what I mean.

I hereby request…
The Blood Dragons from… Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon of course.
Multiple sizes would be cool too.

The Monster to Human ratio in GMod is horrendously low and needs to be upped significantly.
Would be cool if someone could port these but I won’t hold my breath…

Snarky comments like ‘I won’t hold my breath’ probably won’t do you any favors in terms of people considering your requests. :stuck_out_tongue:

the title made me angry, your OP makes me even angrier.
you dont even have any refs or links to any type of info, the hell is bloodDragon?

I think it’s this thing. From the game, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

As the game is on the same engine as Far Cry 3, (hence the name) It may very well be possible to rip the model from the game using the same process as Far Cry 3.

Also, Blood dragon is 2 words… :tinfoil:

I only said that because monster models/ports are very far and few between on gmod, hence why I said “I won’t hold my breath”
Wasn’t intended to be read as snarky, more along the lines of “I have no expectations that this will be done but would be cool if it was”
Hindsight has shown, a better chose of words could have been chosen… so… apologies.

When they do come out their awesome but there just isn’t enough of them IMO.

Thanks Stiffy360 for the pic.
Very lazy of me not to post one…

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Yes I already know Ooga and his awesome work…