Onett Tree Models Request

Alright, so, basically, I need a few tree models for my recreation of the town of Onett from Earthbound. Basically, I’d want them to be done in a style of how the TF2 trees were done, rather than a more realistic approach. The first image shows the 3 different tree types that I would need to be made, while the second picture is to give a sense of scaling for the models to be made.

It seems that the smallest and largest tree are proportional in a 1:2 relationship, and the tall skinny tree is the same size as the small tree, and slightly less tall than the largest tree, but not by much. If anyone would be able to do this, I would really appreciate it.

I’d hate to bump this, but would anyone be able to do it? It’s pretty much the last thing I would need to do finish this map.

Once again, is anyone willing to do this?