Online Commnuity Minigames

I have made a couple minigames for my garry’s mod community that I have abandoned.
Let’s start with the Slots.

Here’s a video of them in action:

Basically I will do someone the service of integrating it into their current community site / forum. I will create custom graphics and a custom loading menu. As well as a customer header bar on the slot machine. All to be run on their site for their community to use.

I have made it easy to adjust odds and payouts. It uses MySQL to tie into your community members in-game money. I can also customize it however you desire.

I’m trying to gain a little money for this right now. If you are interested in purchasing this for your community I’m all ears. I can also make customizations to your forums or sites.

That looks very nice. Would be a very great addition to a lobby server.