online game heroes and generals

This game can be ripping with intel-GPA
Unfortunately the models have no more UV-mesh after ripping
For help is asked

Use ninja ripper.Work fine

which version

Ninja ripper does not work for some people. I got a Noesis script made by the people in xentax that can convert the format of the game, but unfortunately you will need to convert each file manually.

So far I have opened about 300 of the 1500+ files in the game. I have yet to find enough components to assemble a single vehicle or gun.

Instal game from .EXE not STEAM. In ninjaripper1.6.0(x86) open X:\Program Files (x86)\Heroes & Generals\live\ HeroesAndGeneralsDesktop.exe. That’s all. For open .RIP file in NOESIS Use (NinjaRipper Script for Noesis) or open in Autodesk 3ds Max. I use it win 7 64 bit

and you don’t get banned for doing this? If so I’ll give it a go, unless you can get the avs-36 and johnson machine gun out for me, that’s all I really want

Why ? … You have to play the game and hunt it down with someone :wink: I play the Germans but I rarely use this game. Do not worry you will not get Banned :slight_smile:

well I already have one of those weapons and can probably get the other, would you reccomend intel gpa or ninjaripper?

For me Ninja :slight_smile: … If someone want AVS-36 - here is one from Deadfall Adventures game. 3DS format.-

Mhhh it cloud be possible a model explorer? so we can see all the models in the game files + textures!

Ninja ripper is not good for this game due to how you get the files.

I managed to open all of the bin files. I am now conducting the slow process of identifying models.


56 model files opened successfully

7 model files failed to open

2127 model files left to open

WOW ! Nice Work !