Online Lags even with good Resources?

I found many threads for online Lags, but didn’t find a working sollution.

I have the Problem, that… eventough my PC system is quite good, i have Lags when i play On my online server. It lags hardly when i move. I only have this Problem when i play online. See the net_graph graph:

EDIT: Usually the Ping is about 90 and the FPS is about 50. Bad screen sry

My system is

E8400 Dual Core 3Ghz
6GB Kingston Ram
GForce 8800GTX

I recognized, that when i play, the first core is fully used (100%) while the other is quite unused. I read that Gmod only uses one core. can i force Gmod to use both cores?

Mfg, Xaser

I’m sorry, please explain better.

Are you having network lag, or framerate lag? I can understand that 30 fps is a little low for your graphics card, but your ping isn’t all that low either.

Try assigning garry’s Mod to your second core through task manager. I find my second core is more powerful, but it may be different for you.

You can’t force Garry’s Mod to use more than one core. If you could, many people’s FPS issues could easily be solved. I get 7-30 fps in Garry’s Mod with a 9800 GT on medium yet I pull 50-60 in Call of Duty 4 with everything at max with 30 people in a server at 1920x1080, 40-60 in Fallout 3 at high, 80-100 FPS in Bioshock at max, 40-80 in TF2 at max with 24 people in a server during action, and 60-100 in Left 4 Dead 2 maxed, only dropping to 40 when there’s 100 zombies getting blown up by a grenade. The latter two had their issues solved by multi-core support (lol Phenom X4 9500.)

but uh yeah, your FPS should be drastically higher with an 8800GTX and an E8400.

and changing cores won’t solve his problems unless he has 100 background processes using the first one, shut up

Thats the point…

Everything was fine Till i installed advanced stacker and mesurement Tool, than it slowly started to lag. I deleted those addons also reinstalled the game… no change.

What else could i try?

PS: my ping and my fps are always between 80 and 110 and 40 and 100


What did you mean with “multi core support”??

Mfg, Xaser

This is so frustrating… yesterday it worked fine now the first core is used 100% while im ingame BUT WHY??

no ideas :(?


Try turning your settings down.

-.-… i said i can play in singleplayer with 180fps… so it cant be a settingsproblem right??? I tried nearly everything

I sent a support request to steam. The answer was a link to this forum lol…

again cant anyone help me?? a slicest tip?