Online version

How long is the web player versions going to be available?
I have some unfinished business to attend to.

The Web players have been removed now(I heard that from somebody else).

Here’s hoping it will be down ASAP.

Probably until the OSX version on Steam is fixed.

Are you sure of this?

they are back online, i just logged in via the browser. Lame Hackers all over.

Im not sure a heard it from somebody else.If you haven’t got the steam key go on

Yea the client is still up, cheaters are weak people and will be rampaging, desperately trying to collect stuff before they have to play legit. I’ve killed these idiots with a hatchet on multiple occasions… they’re usually awful.

The web player will be removed when the OS X version gets fixed. It will happen this week.

Servers are going to be wiped what’s the point?

Web player is still up and people are still using cheat engine as long as they can.

wait when?