Online works, but is unplayable.

Whenever I try and join a multiplayer server, I spawn inside the ground. I can move around, but I can not use anything. Respawning after death does nothing.

Try joining a different server, some servers could still need to be updated/fixed.

It doesn’t matter what server I go to, the same thing always happens.

Do you have any errors in console?

Do you see anything when in-game then? Is the screen black ,but you can see crosshair and gravity gun?

You could try to re-install. If you have a lot of addons and such ,make sure you make a backup of them first. :smile:

I can see everything fine, and I can change my weapon/tool, but I can’t use them. The first-person view is clipping with the floor, so the bottom half of my screen is mostly blank except for a few lines meant for walls.