Only 1 view in Hammer

I don’t know if any of you know the solution to my problem. One day I was messing with the views trying to get em to spread evenly across my dual screen display and the next time I loaded up hammer only one of the views loads up.

I’ve tried Re-installing Source SDK and I’ve had some suggestions from some guys on TF2 maps none of which worked


eem, I think you are using game configurations that are configured on wrong engine. (e.g Garry’s Mod on ep1 )

press new?

Get a new OS (or is it just a skin)

look in the “View” section at the top…?

It was probably the first thing you did, and i’ll probably get rated dumb, but did you go into view and click on something like “evenly space 4 views” because you didn’t mention if you had.

Im on Windows XP, i prefer the classic tool bar it looks nicer :stuck_out_tongue:

Under ‘View’, click ‘Autosize 4 Views’.
Or you may press ‘Ctrl + A’.


how do you change the grid background color?

Tools / Options / 2D views / White-on-Black color scheme

That’s what i meant.