Only 276 servers?

Why is it that both the ingame, and steam server browser only show 276 servers for Garry’s Mod?

Down for updates? I know the Steam master server is down, all of my servers keep crying that the server is out of date…

Because VAC is enabled.

It has just been updated.

I don’t think saying “gmod updated” is a good reason, as many servers will run without updates for a day, at least. With only 279 running, I’d say it’s an issue on Steam’s end. I’ve had issues where it won’t show any damn servers in the serverlist too.

My dedi is crying about it, and when I update it, it updates it but keeps on whining.

Mine too except it spams it, i mean WHILE LOOP SPAM, makes the CPU go to 100%.

Same here… Its kinda weird though my favorite servers are not appearing on the server list but they do in my favorites and they are running. Must be a connection problem.