Only able to play when restarting router.

Well this is an issue myself and a few friends have been having since july 2nd. Cant play rust unless we restart our routers. Oddly enough the experimental servers work fine. each time we restart our routers we can play until log off without interruption. Curious if anyone knows of a fix for this. Not going with the idea of the router being messed up seeings how we each have over 40+ online games that all work without hiccup. Also the experimental server working every time as well. We have done all the run around stuff like C++ and restart steam, clear cache, so on and so forth. At this point the only area that needs to be looked at is what did FP change on july 2nd that made over a handful of us have to restart our servers. Any help would be killer. Side note router firmware up to date. Hoping for a response from someone dev related at FP, Thanks!

Try connecting with net.connect some people have their routers crash when the server list loads because the developpers fucked up the way the servers load.

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately it isnt even connecting us to the servers. we r stuck at grey facepunch screen