Only Helk can save us now.....please FP, consider a fix for the cosmetic BPs!

Two Sided Ornate Hanging Sign -> Blueprint Book?!
->If by next BP wipe, XP system is not in place and BP system is not retired,
then reduce the BP tier of all ‘cosmetic’ items like signs (available in the store)
to the bottom tier (20 fragments). Why make these items so BP fragment intensive (book in this case) if you
can buy them on the store for ten cents?

XXL Picture Frame -> Blueprint Book?! -> Duplicate?! -> like 5 minutes after purchase!?

Things I dont have from the Book Tier:
12 Gauge Slug
F1 Grenade
Hazmat Helmet
High Velocity Rocket
HV 5.56 Rifle Ammo
Incendiary 5.56 Rifle Ammo
Incendiary Pistol Bullet
Land Mine
Pump Shotgun
Road Sign Jacket
Road Sign Kilt
Salvaged Cleaver
Semi-Automatic Pistol

So the story starts last night before I am about to log off. I have over 600 frags and live in a volatile area where raiding is commonplace so i wanted to burn them before I logged off.
I revealed the first book to get a 2 sided ornate hanging sign. Dismayed about wasting 300 fragments on this, I went to the Steam Store and spent around a dollar buying all the signs and picture frames and shit
Not five minutes later, I reveal the second book and it is a duplicate blueprint of the XXL Picture Frame that I had purchased not 5 minutes prior. Please note, I received this duplicate while I am still missing 15 items from the Blueprint Book Tier. All times are US Eastern and I was connected to Toronto Development. A short time-line is as follows:
5:11am -> reveal first book, get mad @ garry
5:22am -> Spend $1.21(US) in the steam store buying all this shit so this wont happen again
5:27am -> You can clearly see all my new purchases in my inventory
5:32am -> Eternal rage and an extreme desire to shitpost wash over me with the revelation of a (now) duplicate XXL Picture Frame BP from my remaining 300 fragments

Picture proof is included below:

I know how the gun skins work and trust me, this is not like that. I didnt buy an AK skin and expect an AK BP in my inventory. All signs and banners are immediately craftable after purchase as evidenced by the picture taken at 5:27am