"Only Human..." [Agent Firing Down a Hallway]

Decided to try recreating the bullet time effect in The Matrix. And although I am rather pleased with my results, I am never, ever, EVER going to do it again. Its fucking tedious to make that effect :suicide:


Now, I know that the ripples coming from the agent’s bullet don’t look quite as good as the ripples from the bullet going past him, that’s because I did the agent’s bullet first and was still perfecting the effect. I didn’t redo it because, as I said, it is a pain in the fucking ass to do. So deal with it :v:

Also, the bullet going past him isn’t huge, it’s in the foreground. I tried adding DoF but it didn’t look good.

Special thanks to Ilwrath for hacking that sexy Deagle for me! :keke:

Comments, Praise, and Criticism Please!

Looks really good.

+1 Artistic, that’s all I can say.

Who the hell rated me bad spelling? There isn’t a single misspelled word in there…


Who cares man, really…

Image looks awesome.

Gimme ur talent nao!

This is awesome, cannot see anything wrong about it.

And who the fuck rated me “Bad spelling”???

Hey vman, I talked to your hacker!

Wohoo, its freaking matrix! Nice stuff!

What the hell is wrong with his arm?!

Other than that, A+ work.

Also that picture is friggin sweeeeeet!

I don’t know, what’s wrong with it?


Where can I find those suits? Nice Pic man.

In this pack.

The only thing is, they have an FBI tag on their chest and they don’t have the tie clip or glasses.

Ahh, thanks.

Awesome as usual.

Very nice V-man, rated paint


Good pic, any chance of a tutorial on how to make the ripple effects considering how tedious it was?

I think the bubbles look bad.
the rest of the picture seems unedited.