Only I can join my SRCDS server, no one else!

Well, I set up my server 4-5 days ago. It worked fine the first day, then te second day it would not respond. Now, earlier today I had a good 12 people on my server, it was running perfectly fine and people were having a blast! But I shut down my server for a moment, for like 3 hours then when I turned it back on, nobody could join! When I check on the HLDS console, it says server timeout. I get this problem everyday, sometimes it works, sometimes it does not! Can someone please help! (And yes, all my ports are forwarded) I did not make any changes to it before the shutdown besides changed some new job names and added guns for the Civil Protection. I did not make any “major” problems; normaly when I add something new and restart it it will work perfectly fine, but sometimes the server wont work. PLEASE help

Could be the machine it’s hosted on is crappy.

No, I have one of the best preformance and gaming computers out there…
But, just to ask; what would be the best router for server hoasting?

Here, I might know. Sometimes your IPCONFIG changes. If you IPCONFIG changes, you need to go check it. If this doesn’t work after trying it then contact me on facepunch.’

Edit: To check your Ipconfig, you’re going to need to open a CMD then type Ipconfig on the line. Then scroll up to find the IPv4 address. When you do it’s the last 3 numbers