Only Letting 1 Person On The Server?

I host a 22 slot GMod Trouble in Terrorist Town server, with script enforcer enabled and it uses SourceMod. Recently after the update, once 2 people join the server it crashes. I tried to post a support ticket but haven’t gotten much help from my host.
I thought it was the old GateKeeper module doing this, so I deleted it. Nothing so far works, I was just wondering if there is anything the FacePunch community can help me with this?
Is there any other information I should add to help figure out the problem?

MetaMod and SourceMod crash the server, Their not scripted for linux. I’d suggest removing them and using something else like ULib and ULX.

That wouldn’t explain why it doesn’t automatically crash the server. I can join, do whatever I want, so can other people. But only one person can be on at a time. If someone else joins, even a bot, the server goes down.

As said, SourceMod & MetaMod. Remove them and test it you’ll see.

So Garry’s Mod is hosted on Linux servers or something? O_o

I use as a host, so I can’t even delete Sourcemod without making a support ticket, and the only reason why I posted this thread is because it’s taken them more then 12 hours to reply to what I said on a support ticket.

No, xenon use windows.

What are you talking about?

I asked Xenon, they said the same thing about them using windows. Surprisingly, it worked. I deleted SourceMod and MetaMod and now the server works… Thanks Buggzie, but now I have to deal with the old votemap command… Lol

I thought the new version of Sourcemod fixes the crashes.

I asked Xenonservers to install sourcemod for me, since I can’t upload dlls with their hosting… Guess they didn’t use the updated version. They don’t have the most recent GateKeeper either.

Just ask them to update it…