Only post issues your having with current patch

Memory Leak

Random freezing

campfires not drying or warming

Rockets dont do any damage
Console being spammed with error messages when placing items, looting barrels, someone shooting you
Game freezes when loading at times
Background music quits when loading used to play till you spawned
cant use 6th box on small stash
small furnace menu bugged

arrows sound like a object breaking when they hit
some rad town crate do not spawn
freezes when loading at easyanticheat loading

can’t place stairs in a cave…

Before today’s hotfix I was unaffected by any issues, but after the latest patch my game stutter - actually makes everything on my pc stutter despite not maxing out my cpu/RAM, even my fps had a drop, previously my very old rig could manage 30-40 fps, now it don’t even do 10 fps.

As it’s pretty much impossible to move around then I’m not able to test out if there’s other issues.

some items have been fixed and removed from the list still waiting on any thats left.

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New error im now stuck loading in to a server heres the console