Only ROCK OK \m/

Lighting is pretty as usual, but seems a bit subdued for a rock concert.

Also, you should’ve made the sniper either:

a) halfway through a windmill chord, or;
b) halfway through a giant (like, Pete Townshend giant) dive

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Also, experiment with using actual brushes for hair. Trust me, it looks a million times better than smudging.

I’m getting tired of the desaturation.

The spy is playing guitar backwards .


Composition is weird. I didn’t even think I needed to scroll across until Rossum mentioned the sniper.

I really really dont like the editing. it looks so dark and desaturated/overdone

Your pictures have barely any color at all.

Desaturation doesn’t look good.

I think the name of band is xBONKx.
If they play hardcore, ofcourse)


71 amazigs and counting!


Can’t keep count! :psyboom:


Scout has black antimater for hair and DAYUM that bass is TINY!

amazig uernaemf renasodf