Only Roleplay board? Seriously?

I know roleplay is the second biggest thing in Garry’s Mod but, why can’t we make Server Advertisement for all garry’s mod servers.

Thats like treating one person with special interests. Why help the roleplay folks an not help everyone. There’s fun server’s out there just waiting to be discovered and that aren’t roleplay servers.

Making this board ‘public for all servers’ weather roleplay or not. Wouldn’t be a plus? It’d help show all these users who believe solely in roleplay thats there more out there.

Who said it wasn’t.

And frankly letting everyone shit up this section with their shitty build servers is a bad thing. RP is different.

Build servers are sometimes shitty, yes.

RP is different, all of it’s servers are shitty.

I disagree. Most of the build and RP servers are completely screwed up with minges running rampant everywhere and just degrading the quality of servers in general, but I’ve found a few build servers that are pleasant to play on and have excellent admins that have a good sense of humor and don’t ban somebody for just having fun. I’ve also found RP servers with a good community and admins that are able to keep up a story without it become stale, hackneyed or over-competitive.