Only see a health bar in the main menu? Fix here

If you only see a health bar in the main menu, you can fix it by modifying the gui.js file which you can find in: Steam\steamapps\common\rust\experimental\html\app\controllers.
Just edit the fourth line that says:
$scope.screenState = “ingame”;
Change it into
$scope.screenState = “menu”;

thx this sulution works for me

thx but still i dont see any servers

the server is not under official its under community didnt saw it at first too maybe look there

Im watching everything but i dont see even one server u see some server or the one ?

i can see “Facepunch Dev Server” maybe your not on page 1 for me it first startet showing me page -1 there should be “page 1 of 1”

If you can’t see the server, all I can suggest is restarting Rust.

is there no ip or smthing ?.. i cant get to page 1 of 1 only 1 of 0

How do i edit the file? (i see gui.js.private.0 but i dont have a way to open it to edit)

“open as txt.editor”

… I have Windows 8.1, and i dont have the text editor. Can i download it?

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Nevermind, i found it

i need a IP my rust dont show the developer server pls help me

thank you but net.connect dont work…:frowning:

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Natsu kannst du mich bei Steam adden: reqLiix danke dir

seems like the new command is “client.connect”

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but i think the server is offline atm cant see him too^^