Only SOME servers load up when i click on multiplayer

Ok so i have been having this problem for a long time now and i’m getting very annoyed. what happens is that i click on multiplayer and only some of the servers load, usually it took around 20 seconds for every server to be ready to join. now it takes forever for only a few to load then it stops after loading about 50 servers of a random game mode. its not my internet at all i switched out most of my gear and i reinstalled all of garrys mod multiple times any help would be great thanks.

Well Garry’s Mods master serverlist sucks. Use the legacy browser instead.

They both use the same master server.

Well I’ve noticed it’s limited up to a certain amount of servers.

It shows the first 128 servers.

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You can still search through all of them, and sort through all of them.

The legacy browser does not work as well, i have absolutely no idea what is going on with my gmod

“Does not work” is not helpful. Tell us what happens vs what should happen.

usually the servers load, i click on legacy, the browser comes up, but nothing loads.

Make sure you got strong internet connection and that no wirewall is blocking GMod from accessing your network. Make sure your filters are empty. Try lowering amount of pings in Steam settings.

Are they?

Yes they are.

like i said before i looked at all my wireless settings and adjusted them but it dident work.

Why does the browser only show the first 128 servers and not all of them?

Because it was coded to do so, it would lag if it showed all of them.

Try verifying the integrity of your game cache.
Go into your steam library and right click on garry’s mod and hit properties.
Then go to the local files tab and hit verify integrity of game cache.

I have done this twice already, and i just did it again, still no change in how the server list loads.

Have you tried deleting local content?