PS: The christmas part of it was just so it stood out while I was working on it, but I was too lazy to remove it. This is basically a winter edit of my onslaught map.

This shall be my last release before school & GCSE mocks start. Damn, I’ve done lots this holiday.

I first started this map when I was inspired by one of the challenges going on in this forum and I used it to try and practice my brushwork. Me and my brothers got kinda bored of playing electriconslaught_b15 all the time, so I turned this map into an onslaught map!


Version 2 updates:
[li]Halfed the time it takes for the whole onslaught to complete (Was 1 hour, now half derp)[/li][/ul]

It includes:
[li]A small, old, headcrab canister’d shack[/li][li]A city in the distance with its own citadel (brushbased, wasn’t a model small enough for the skybox. I’m impressed with how it came out)[/li][li]A mountain range inspired by a VMF I came across in the beta, and they also use textures from the beta! :v:[/li][li]3 entrances to a large underground expanse, one measured to the size of a large SBMP lift piece and 2 to the small lift pieces[/li][li]Some mounted guns with the ability to be raised up and down[/li][li]Mines, and minelayers[/li][li]Brush based wall pieces[/li][li]Two types of shields that can be toggled[/li][li]2 and a half secrets[/li][/ul]

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http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t319/FirePawX/wastelands.png http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t319/FirePawX/Seastruct.png
http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t319/FirePawX/Alpinestruct.png http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t319/FirePawX/Sandtrap.png

Oh wow, 100 views and no replies/rates. :v:

only normal zombies like in the old version


Erm, what?

Do you mean you want only zombies, or what? The old version had all the NPCs that this one had.

no in the old version where only normal zombies

The old version had poison/fast/classic zombies, antlion guards/workers, combine and hunters. Exactly the same as this version.

On old one I only got to fast zombies. Then I got bored.

I think it’s a great map. Your brushwork has paid off, too I mean-this trumphs some of the in-game stuff. All your themed maps are a wonderful addition to the “garrysmod” library of maps and what not. Nice work. :slight_smile:

Thank you. :3:

How do I get the battle going?

There is a button near the ammo crates, in the centre by the train carriage. :smile:

Holy crap, what is that skybox? That looks awesome?
(Sorry for 3-week bump)

It is actually one that was made for HL1, which I found in Half life Source and looked absolutely delicious!