"Onslaught Evolved" Gamemode?

Does anyone remember the gamemode “Onslaught Evolved”? (It may have been styled as “Onslaught: Evolved”)

I’m trying to locate the server files for this gamemode, as well as any maps. I’m working on getting a server going with this mode and want to make sure I get the most recent version.

The latest I can find is this: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=47474
Anyone know of a later version? Got any links to some maps?

Any help would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

I think the creator stopped working on and supporting it, and it’s long since died.

The gamemode was fun, but it was laggy as fuck.

Also TCB is right about that.

Hi DarthTealc,
I give you a SVN link to this gamemod:
Onslaught Evolved v1.9
maps you can find on garrysmod.org