Onslaught: Evolved



Onslaught Evolved is an exciting new gamemode for garrysmod. I decided I would make this because I thought that onslaught could use a bit of tweaking when it comes to balancing and so Onslaught Evolved was born!

So what has changed?

> First of all and probably the most obvious change is the new class system. Each class is unique and lets the players play to fit their fighting style.

> Secondly I noticed most conventional onslaught maps or gamemodes have had their ammo bins or health chargers built into the map and completely unmoveable. I thought I would change this simply by adding an engineer class and auto restock so you could put your base anywhere!

> Spawn able turrets! Well the engineer would be a little useless without these fellas. The engineer gets a SWEP equipped on battle spawn that you simply look in the direction you want to spawn a turret and simply click to spawn.

> Props are actually hated by NPCs! A simple addition yes but it really adds to the gamemode because it encourages players to work together to survive and it is a lot more fun than sitting in your base while no one attacks you because they can’t see you.

> Ability to repair props. This was what first inspired the engineer class. I felt that it was frustrating that if your base gets damaged there is no way to repair it. This was simply solved by adding a ‘wrench’ SWEP to repair props (at a price of course)

Well that is the main changes but I have been trying to get the balance right and I think I am nearly there without making it too hard or too easy :smiley:

On with the screenshots! - OLD VERSION ONE SCREENS.

The menus! - They’re all in one!




Special thanks to xera for making these.

Playtesting - I recorded some of the fun I had playing - CLICK TO ENLARGE






A nice artistic shot of me getting destroyed.

Taking heavy damage captain!











Here is the vmf for the current test map: http://files.filefront.com/Ose+testvmf/;10222384;/fileinfo.html

Mappers’ Guide

First off your design should be quite open and the NPCs should be able to see the players and their bases in most or every position they could be in. Also you should add a way to stop getting near the spawner’s by using a trigger hurt that only damages players around the spawning area.

There are a couple of entities involved in creating maps for OSE. Firstly there is the sent_spawner which should be placed - of course - where you want your NPCs to spawn. Give it at least a 300 unit space around the spawner or you might get NPCs spawning in walls. The keyvalues are easy to set. Simply turn off smart edit in the sent_spawner’s properties and add a key called ‘npc’ this is to define the different npc types the spawner can spawn. In the value of the npc keyvalue add the class names you want the spawner to spawn. So for example if you wanted your spawner to spawn combine soldiers and manhacks then the value for the npc keyvalue would be “npc_manhack npc_combine_s”. If you want it to be more likely that the combine soldier would be spawned simply add duplicate entries, for example “npc_manhack npc_combine_s npc_combine_s”

Finally place a path_track entity and call it ‘path’ this is the target your NPCs will aim to get to when they first spawn. It is just to set them off on the right direction. At the moment onslaught evolved only supports one path entity so put that where you main building area is.

And that is it, if you have done that correctly you should have a fully working Onslaught Evolved map. Enjoy :smiley:

Note: If you have set up the spawner’s keyvalues wrong you will get this message in the console:

Also Onslaught Evolved prints the keyvalues of all the sent_spawner entities on map start so you can check it is all set up correctly.

:siren:1.41 is out :D:siren:



  ____            _                   _     _     ______          _               _  |
 / __ \          | |                 | |   | |   |  ____|        | |             | | |
| |  | |_ __  ___| | __ _ _   _  __ _| |__ | |_  | |____   _____ | |_   _____  __| | |
| |  | | '_ \/ __| |/ _` | | | |/ _` | '_ \| __| |  __\ \ / / _ \| \ \ / / _ \/ _` | |
| |__| | | | \__ \ | (_| | |_| | (_| | | | | |_  | |___\ V / (_) | |\ V /  __/ (_| | |
 \____/|_| |_|___/_|\__,_|\__,_|\__, |_| |_|\__| |______\_/ \___/|_| \_/ \___|\__,_| |
                                 __/ |                                               |
                                |___/                                                |
CHANGELOG 1.41 - 1.8                   |Conman420, Ailia and Xera                    |
1.41 - 1.8 has been a huge leap for us so this changelog is not going to be complete |
at all. We have probably rewrote or edited every function in the gamemode so think of|
it as a rewrite and not a new version.												 |
		> Pyro - Features mine spawning and flamethrower.
		> New build menu GUI and ammo buying GUI.
		> Default class (stored clientside so it applies on every server you go to.
		> Some new props added.
		> New modern hud. (Ailia)
		> Soldier now rechargable armor.
		> Added super shotgun for scout - right click and look down to launch
		> Different jumping heights.
		> Class specific taunts.
		> Ammo bins only display ammo for that specific class.
		> Ranks! You earn new ranks by getting more kills, admins have all benefits
		  of the highest rank on the server yet are displayed as their true rank.
		> Removed antilag and replaced with something better.
		> New npc support.
		> Prop limit - Can be changed in shared.lua
		> Boss spawner (sent_spawnonce) - mappers lets se some boss maps!
		> Right click with physgun is now a form of nocollide, right click again to
		  make the prop normal.
		> New help menu.
		> New Commands:
			+ Help Im stuck!
			+ Save kills - For ranks.
		> New spawnpoint effect - spiral shows up when player is dead.
		> Built in admin commands, kick, ban and kill.
		> Admin changemap for changing map without rcon.
		> New tab for misc. settings.
		> Multiple prop skin support - Right click on the prop in build menu.
		> Vastly improved bullseyes positioning code - Smartnes up AI.
		> Optimised damage function networking.
		> Improved prop damage realism.
		> Optimised wrench, flamethrower.
		> The crossbow is now a swep.
		> Fixed map voting.
		> Optimised and balanced all damage scaling functions.
		> Sniper no longer has grenades.
		> Lowered scout fall damage.
		> Optimised prop spawning code.
		> Fixed zombie distraction props.
		> Vastly improved AI performance and made zombies more formidable.

Official beta server



ose_tundra - A big map set in the snow. Has a clever way of spawning sent_spawners, looks awesome. Made by metallics.





The same as doubletrouble but doesn’t need episode 2 textures - made by John Clark.



A construct like map with a base in the middle surround by spawners. Made by Nerdboy.



A map that spawns antlions in a canyon settings. Looks pretty cool.

More info here:



Cool looking map, 4 caves, hdr, requires episode 2.

More info at thread:



Q. Clients can’t download the map?

A. Simply copy and paste the map from gamemode/content/maps/ose_doubetrouble.bsp


> Xera - For being generally helpful and giving me a huge hand in the menus. Also he has done a lot as a whole in the gamemode so huge credits to him :slight_smile:

> jaanus - for his combine sniper Vmodel.

> All the guys at #luahelp who have been helping me a lot lately.

Awesome, reminds me of the gmod9 onslaught, but this one is far more advanced.

How long where you typing this? Anyway… Great gamemode.

Didn’t take too long the pictures took a while upload though.


In fact here are some more of my battle:





I eventually had to resort to hiding when I was swarmed by manhacks and ultimately died :frowning:

Awesome, i love onslaught,
Is there a date for release set?

Looks awesome! Can’t wait for release, because I’m really bored right now.
Anyhow, questions:
[li] Will the NPC’s come in waves, so you have (ect.) 10 minutes to build a fort, then the waves come and becomes more intense the longer you play?
[/li][li] For every wave, will the AI get better? I mean, so the combine work together?
[/li][li] Wouldn’t too many NPC lag the server/game?
[/li][li] Achievements?

Out of questions for now.

Probably not until someone can host a dedicated. I would but I can’t handle more than 2 people at any time with such a resource intensive gamemode :frowning:

This looks awesome. MUST HAVE DOWNLOAD LINK NOW!

Yes I am planning for some sort of wave counter. Also I am actually working on an ‘AI director’ to just make the experience more fun :smiley:

Yes it does lag. But again I am trying to optimize as much as possible but Onslaught has always been a bandwidth whore hasn’t it? :slight_smile:

Also looking for mappers. If anyone wants to take it up please drop me a message either here or via PM.

Hadn’t thought of achievements! That is a fucking awesome idea! Like kill 50 hunters. 500 combine soldiers. Survive 30 games. Added to feature wishlist :smiley:

Added another question.


Bye, going on Toribash now.

Npcs should ( for performance ) have these:

npc:SetKeyValue( “squadname” , “invasion” )
npc:SetKeyValue( “spawnflags” , 512 + 256 + 1024 + 8192 )
npc:SetKeyValue( “tacticalvariant”, 1 )

Long Sight: 256
Fade Corpse ( doesn’t seem to work 100% ): 512
Think Outside PVS ( not sure, related to npc / player detection ): 1024
Don’t Drop Weapons: 8192

Squad names are the absolute most important part of ‘enhanced’ ai, allowing them to share enemy locations and a few other things, if the valve wiki is to be believed.

Tactical variant is a combine-related flag that is supposed to make them more agressive ( only works on combine, apparently ).

Those lead to pretty well operating NPCs, even if they tend to be a bit single-minded on poorly noded maps.

To reduce a lot of the NPC lag, just precache their models. It’s that simple. Precache every model the gamemode is going to need or use, and the increased loading time will be paid off with better performance.

Already got all of those :smiley: except for face corpse :3

Also think outside PVS was essential really as they wouldn’t do anything if they couldn’t see their enemies.

Also each NPC class is in their individual squad for the simple reason that I noticed some odd behavior when they were in one huge squad :smiley:

I should stop posting in here :smiley:

Also every now and then I host my -amazing 2 slotted - dedicated server. If you see it come along I would love to hear your thoughts. :smiley: The map will be ose_test2

Regardless, can’t wait until this is done - you’re doing an excellent job so far by the looks of it.

Yea this looks pretty awesome. :smiley:

I was thinking of doing some kind of NPC wars type gamemode myself. Damn, you beat me to it. :frowning:

Looks better than the old one. Map looks nice too.

Can you add me in credits because of Achievements? :slight_smile:
Doesn’t have to, but I would be happy if you could.


Also, ready to map.
PM me or add ad4m_go on steam.

You should add custom models for engineers to spawn. (barricades, plain walls e.g)

If you want i would glady map.

Nice work, me and Devenger are also in the process of writing an “evolution” of the Onslaught gamemode, with some similar ideas to yours.

Got achievements up and going, if you want to take a look.


(Not gamemode achievements)

Be interesting to see how both gamemodes turn out. :slight_smile:

Wow great looking VGUI!

Nice to see more people revitalising those traditional gamemodes :slight_smile:
I am moving towards the way that Team fortress 2 plays out when it comes to classes and possibly and RTS element with reinforcements from citizens :smiley: Depending if it is still balanced from that.

But yeah this will be interesting :ninja:

Any specific entities I need to add to a map for this gamemode?