Onslaught (It's literally evolved from the old Evolved.)

Onslaught was a very old gamemode where you would build a base, then have zombies and combine forces come to destroy you and your base.
I’ve decided to take up this gamemode and put in some new features.

The old features for this gamemode included…

-Very easy-to-get gameplay. Read above.
-6 balanced classes:
>Scout: Fast moving, with a powerful shotgun. Unfortunately he also has 100 health.
>Soldier: This class has the most health, along with 75 regenerative armor. He’s also really slow.
>Engineer: Placing turrets and healing props is what this guy does. He isn’t a frontline fighter.
>Sniper: Definition of “deadly,” this guy boasts a crossbow capable of taking out anything in 1 hit.
>Pyro: Spread that flame, you’ve got enough ammo, AND enough health!
>Support: This guy can hurt and heal from any range. He needs to watch his overheat though.
-Double kill system (+10 health for getting 2 kills in half a second.)
-And apparently it was easy to map for.

Most of the code has changed. New stuff includes:

-KillSTREAK system - Starts up by getting 2 kills in half a second. Every kill within a half second of the last now gives you 10 more health. ie(+10,+20,+30)
-New Weapons - Right now, all you can do is buy them from a shop, go into your inventory, select the class you bought it for, then equip it. Eventually you’ll find guns, with different effects.


-SQLite support - Text files took up too much space, especially on a popular server.
-Round System - Every successful round increases difficulty (subtracts NPC damage.) and adds round time.
-Scripted NPCs using NextBot! Old ones were too laggy to play with. Unfortunately I couldn’t recreate stuff like fast zombie and antlion jumping.
-GWEN skin. I think it’s pretty ugly, and the close button doesn’t even show up.
-The prop spawner - Makes base-creating easy.


New pictures uploaded soon.

Server IP is
To the original creators: If you don’t want me to release this, I won’t.

Alright, got any progress to show us? Pictures? Videos?

I’ll have some pictures up soon.

EDIT: Done.

Neat. I always thought Onslaught was a good time-killer. Too bad there isn’t any easy way to let the NPC’s try to find their way in before shooting the walls down.

Electric onslaught…?

Nevermind, that map is oooold.

This sounds pretty fun.

It’s nice to see this being worked on or modified, because it was quite fun and as said above it was a great time-killer. I hope you do release it because your poison system you added looks quite good and should add another worry when surviving. Good work.

The poison system was in the SVN, and it was purely to make the zombies more of a threat. Zombies still need to be buffed somehow.

Any ideas?

Wow, a revised version of Onslaught. Can’t wait to play this. Its about damn time we had a better version.

I can’t wait to get an actual server for it. For now, it’ll have to run on an 8 slot dedicated where I do all my work (frequent resets ftl.)

EDIT: A video of me and my friends, along with the IP to the dev server so you guys can see for yourself, will be up later.

Server is up!

Come see the new propspawner SWEP and all of the updates.


Connecting to…
Connection failed after 4 retries.


any chance of an svn so I can put it on my server and have a play?

I was running it on my dedicated server, I don’t have an actual server yet.

I misunderstood when you said dedicated server I assumed an actual dedicated server as opposed to your desktop pc, My apologies.

Huge bump: Made a GWEN skin. Now your shop and inventory looks that much better!


In my own opinion I’m terrible at skins so if anyone wants to make one for me go ahead.


Propspawner in action.


I put the server back up, and made the NPCs use NextBot instead of the old lua based way, making it much faster.
Zombies will focus on destroying your base, while combine will focus on attacking the players in their sight. Eventually I hope to add special types of enemies to make things more interesting.
They might cause a huge lag spike from time-to-time because of a stack overflow I can’t catch because of NextBot errors not returning a stack trace with it.

I seem to work on this every year periodically.

-snip- totally confused it with some old fretta gamemode

Did you change/add anything else, or just work on nextbot?