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What can you expect from us in 2022? More of the same! Guaranteed monthly updates every first Thursday of the month along with occasional hotfixes and holiday events. 

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Ayo where’s the update for this month though? I was waiting on hapis :frowning:

Love absolutely everything, but can we stop giving people garage doors to plaster their face on? What’s the point in pumping their ego?

Do you find a way to prevent hacks? So many no recoils, aimbot and esp hackers in official servers… Hackers ruin the game and are you ok with that? P.S. I really love this game.

lesssgoo new drops, cant wait for next update hope you guys fix nightvision

So INSANE they didn’t win the labor of love award on Steam!

You guys truly produce apex tier updates, and by that I mean you never miss. Not a single update disappoints, a gem nowadays, truly an example other developer teams should follow. Take the time you need and make this game global scale success, I wish you the best of luck.

Apparently there is no update for January because of holidays and the monuments and stuff they’re working on.

I hope there is going to be a option for server owners to either use hdrp or use the “old” rust design the normal rust design cuz hdrp kills performance like crazy and old rust looked better way better for pvp

Pvp is not the main thing in growth, and it will be very problematic to make a system of different graphics on servers

freddy fabear

Lets go with Linux EAC support. Please. I beg you.