Onyxis Survival [PvP | Coop Cities | InstaCraft | Sleepers | Active Admins | Friendly | Oxide]

Onyxis Survival is a new server with a positive vibe looking for more people join along the way.
Feel free to join the server to check us out.

Notice: The map is recently wiped so building where ever you want wont be a problem.

Slots: 60 - This will be upgraded when the cap is regularly reached.

How to Connect:
Start Rust
Press F1
Copy and Paste this into the console that pops up and then hit enter.

Admins - Active and No abuse
Instant Crafting
Door Sharing - /share <Target> | This allows the target to use all your doors.
Basic Starting kit
Airdrops - These appear when there is a minimum of 15 players online.
Death Messages - Messages in chat show who killed who.
No Economy
Some Administrative - These addons allows us to ban and catch rule breakers easier.

We like to keep addons to a minimal so we don’t steer away from the core of the game.

There are several admins on this server.
They are all friendly and active and none abuse their power.
Feel free to speak in chat to them if you have a question.

Went on this server, had a great time everyone was friendly i’ll definitely recommend this server to my friends.

Thanks for the positive comment man.

Pretty awesome server! Can’t wait till it gets into full swing!

Thanks :slight_smile: