"Oooo! I'm Skelzor!" "Cut it out guys... That isn't funny" Rebels having a laugh

This is nothing special.


His hands are black.

His gloves are black.

His fingers are black.

The ends of his gloves are brown.

Yes. Thank you.

I like the expression on the woman’s face.

It almost looks natural.

I keep telling myself that his hands are just really dirty.
Wash your hands kids…

Pretty good picture. Good posing an facial expressions.

/forced comment

I read the first line in Adam Baldwin’s voice after I saw the picture.

Your hands would be dirty too if you’re holding a skeleton.

:v: we’ll go with his hands are dirty

Should have been “Look at me guys, I’m Vic Rattlehead!” :v: I really like the screenshot, mate.

He didn’t have any chains… :v:

Tsss, just because his hands are black they’re dirty, THAT’S RACIST. :v:
Kidding kidding, nice picture Deri!

For some reason this image makes me feel warm inside. :3:

must be the remains of what used to be a human. can’t think of anything else

Thanks for the positive feedback guys! :3:

Nice avatar :wink: