"Oooooh merde" - Pyro cutting spy's head off


Since everybody’s doing this, compare the original to the edit there. (you, my son, will be disappoint)

Looking good, aside from the blood.

There’s a tiny bit of black where you didn’t quite remove the stretched ragdoll.

Did the pyro have a boomerang axe or did it stretch so he could hit from that far away?

Agreed, I find it funny that the spy is about 3-4 metres from the pyro, and still the head is right at the axe. That’s some bullet-time action right there.

He jumped over the spy, cut his head off, landed, and turned around.

Sorta like when you melee someone with lag.

Yeah spy is too much away.
Looks really funny.
And did you got the idea by yourself because I think I already saw that somewhere!

I dunno, I think DinosaurPirate made something like that some times ago. Not sure tho.

Yeah it was DinosaurPirate.
Yours is better :stuck_out_tongue:

It was this.

I like his better because the posing is more dynamic and it overall makes more sense (stretchy axe much?)