Oops! Game has crashed!


I’ve just bought Rust on my Steam and when I’m trying to connect on a server it gets crashed after select the server, I’ve got the log here and I would like to get some help. I took the lines from the files that I think are the most important, if I need to post the entire log I could upload to somewhere or just post here. I dont even spawned at map.

Thanks in advance.

Looks to me like you don’t have enough ram? you may have the settings too high too, try the lowest and dont have anything else running in the background

Ya, I’ve thought so too but, I rebooted my computer then run Rust and im trying to run with “Simple” graphics on 1280x720 when I’m supposed to play at 1920x1080, dont know what else I could do.

Add some ram, 4gb aint enought for rust. Instead 1gb Vram should be more than enought.
Having windows 32bit will also cause ram problem due to limit.

Thanks to you both for helping on it, I found out that all my friends with 4 gb RAM are using 64 bits Windows instead of 32 bits like I’m doing so I guess its time to upgrade to 64 bits and check my luck, if not, time to build a new computer. Thanks once again. :slight_smile:

yeah upgrade to 64 i could run Rust on 4gb ram but i would recommend getting more ram another 4gb will really help you out