oOZEROo - UK | 1/2 Craft | Sleepers | Oxide | + Other mods



  • Future Server Events
  • 100 Slots
  • Airdrops set to 75 minimum
  • Sleepers on
  • 1/2 crafting speed
  • Doorsharing
  • Chat History
  • Private Messaging

We are a group of players who have been looking for a server that is intended for players to enjoy Rust. One that doesn’t tolerate griefing, hacking, or other negative forms of play, so we decided to start our own server!

Our wipe policy will be to only wipe when it is absolutely necessary, and we have tried to make the game play in such a way that everyone including noobs can manage to get started.

We look forward to seeing you online!

Further to this, We intend to add a poll system that will allow our players to be able to decide the fate of the server. After all, this is a server dedicated to be run for the players, by the players.