Open a rust server in my country I need dev key or the files

Hello, I sent two emails to Garry but he doesnt answer to me…
and I tried to ask for a dev key from this theard :
but non answer from Garry…
I have Dedicated server
Bandwith = No limit
Operating system CENTOS 6.4 64 BITS, and I have one more with 4GB RAM.
I want to run server in Israel but I dont have the files…

Garry is not interested in distributing individual copies to people who intend on running one server. That’s why you were ignored.

Gaming hosts and service providers, businesses who will sell Rust hosting to customers, those are who get the server right now, because Garry does not want the server released to the public yet.

Even though you can still get it, A+ prevention.

Shh. Hinting at that can only bring bad things upon you.

I dont want to run one server
I will run 5-10 servers.
(I have two dedicated servers)
This is for our community.
Website in english and hebrew.)

and I sent to him from company email to be host provider.
we have company to sell servers to customers and we want to sell rust servers.
You can take a look in our websites : this website is in hebrew
and we sell 50 custom servers, we part from WEBSTUFF team. website :
this is in english :).

Well, good luck and be patient. Garry likely gets tons of stuff every day; Gmod’s sold over a million copies and Rust sold over 150,000 right after launch.

I only want a dev key to open a servers and to be host provider…
I have been waited 3 days…

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No answer from the developers?
I only want to run 5-10 servers for my community in Israel… :frowning:

No answer?

Requesting access to files and privileges to mass host across the EU and north East side US. GPS will be placing this on a one day trial for anyone who wants to try and test the game. We will be advertising this with our hardware affiliates as well as in our social networking areas.

Minimum Specs
Intel Xeon E3 1245v2
32gig ddr - 48 gig ddr3
2 x 2 TB Sata in raid 0
400mb traffic

Max Spec Servers
Intel E5-2650v2
64 gig ddr3 ECC - 128 gig ddr3 ECC
3 x 2 TB Sata in raid 0
600mb traffic
Gameplayservers LTD : 08548033


I’m looking into reselling servers as of late February this year, I’ve spent the past 8-10 months building sh/bash scripts for automacy on building Virtal game servers and also a gaming community to front the reputation that I aim to keep, I’ve got 2 developers building an API in PHP(+ ajax blah blah) for reselling, and have invested heavily in a server infrastructure ready to go into Pulsant Data Centre, I would really appreciate it if I could get a dev key to help with not only my setup scripts but for future reselling and server configuration testing, please let me know if you can do this, I understand if this is not possible due to ASG Servers not being fully functional just yet, but it is coming.


lastly, I’ve played rust, its a great game and seriously addictive, well done again garry

Kind Regards
Louis Kidd

I dont want to rent server.
I want to run server in my servers.

That wasn’t addressed to you. That was someone else requesting access to offer Rust hosting. Just like you are.


I want to run servers and sell servers I have been waited one a week but Garry didn’t answer to me

Garry is not even in the office. He’s at Steam Dev Days, in the USA. You will need to wait.

Thank you, how you know that?

Look on, the developers use that as their official Rust announcement platform. It’s like you know nothing about the game you want to host or the developers you want to work with to establish the business relationship needed to host servers from them.

You cant know what I know about the game.
I dont need to look on the website to know how to be host provider.

This belongs in the dumbest things you’ve seen in chat thread.

And yet here you are being impatient at the devs who are in another country with a once-a-year event and you tell me you don’t need any help knowing what to do.

I’m sorry, I just can’t take you seriously. You are willfully ignorant and demanding and arrogant. Sounds like just the person garry wants to work with. :v: