Open Arms Project

This thread is to gain interest into making a weapons core for S&box for realistic arms.

This is something I’ve been thinking of initiating for a while and a comment from @Salami confirmed that there was more that had the same idea. As such, I’m creating this thread to gain interests in who’d like to contribute. Considering that this isn’t really something you can mock without the Sandbox API it’s not very possible to begin coding, however theorycrafting all the features that people would like to have is something we can do before Sandbox API access.


Not to distract from the weapons themselves but I feel as though realistic body mechanics are necessary in order to provide a solid foundation for any realistic-feeling small arms project. The ability to shoot while prone or using the ground or even a structure/object for support (not sure if you can even go prone in S&Box tbh) is paramount in actual combat. Having that and the ability to lean would be very important in my eyes (think milsim-like games). Hopefully we would be able to add some of this if it is not included in the base game. That along with obvious penalties / buffs depending on position / movement would be a must have. No point trying to simulate the physics of a firearm for a realistic shooting experience if you can bunny hop around a corner and 360 no scope some dude while holding a 30 pound, 5-foot long sniper rifle that kicks harder than an angry mule.

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Well let’s focus on the ballistics first and then that can become the focus later on. In the meantime we can use the default player controller as a reference: crouching is more accurate, running less, etc. Then add stances as you said to expand it further.

I’m all in for this Open Arms project since I had the need for this for my own ideas.

I’ll add some ideas as bullet points:

  • It needs to be flexible so that devs can modify it to their needs: disabling sway, adsing, whatever.
  • Support both set recoil patterns and random recoil patterns.
  • Attachment system that affects gun handling: recoil, sway, whatever. Attachments being visual on the gun (both viewmodel and world model) would be nice, if possible.
  • Use simulated projectiles using line traces as opposed to actual physical bullets for performance and reliability.
  • Scopes with magnification and zeroing.
  • A realistic ballistic system with appropriate penetration, ricocheting, splitting, bullet drop, wind and temperature simulation, coriolis, etc. And of course being able to use some of these or all.
  • Staged reloading.
  • Easy way of adding new guns with their attachment points and so on.

I’ll add more as I come up with them.

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Agreed. At this early point the focus should be on building a flexible system. To begin with, I’d suggest we make an API which allows devs to plug in different checks to the accuracy, stability etc. That way you could have an addon-module that adds for example going prone.

I’ve made a discord server for this project, for anyone else reading, feel free to join, and if you’re interested in helping develop this addon, please say so in the server.

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This discord has been adopted as the project discord.

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I think it would be more beneficial to use a more procedural method for the arm animations, that way you can easily interact with the environnment if the arms are collisions-aware and solve for ik points.

One example would be finding the nearby edge point when standing next to a wall, and then simple using the ik solver to place a hand on the wall. there would be tweaks with what sized area or materials you’ll count as a valid point, but it would be much simpler than trying to recreate the realism from a set animation instead.

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If I understand what you’re saying this is a very good point. I’m not very experienced with animations etc so that’s why we need people from all areas. Feel free to hop on the project and join the discord! :slight_smile:

This project has NOT been abandoned

Just wanted to update on this thread to say that this project has not been abandoned, just waiting for access.

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