[OPEN BETA] Labyrinth - A gamemode revolving around pointsmod and mazes

First of all, before I do ANYTHING, I would like to thank CombineGuru for making PointsMod, the mod that made this entire gamemode more than just running around for no reason. And more thanks to Pythagoras for Gm_shifting_mazeV1_1, the map this gamemode was made for. (DL this if you wanna join the server)
Labyrinth is still in beta, and I have the beta running on my server (IP listed below) for the time being. Some of the features are as follows-
*****A system that rewards combat within the maze
*****4 different types of randomly generated prizes and a final prize at the end of the maze.
*****Zombie spawns (weapons can be acquired from prizes)
I know right now this isn’t a lot, but the gamemode is developing quickly and a couple of changes are planned as well. These include
*****Prizes that can positively or negatively affect everyone on the server in a variety of different ways
*****Trap prizes that spawn enemies or teleport the user to random parts of the map to create confusion
*****More unlockable prizes via pointsmod such as custom trails and player colors/materials
*****Prizes that respawn faster so that people aren’t stuck running around with nothing for any amount of time
*****Better NPC spawn system including other NPC’s
*****And much more!

I urge anyone who is at all interested to go give the server a look. I’m on frequently and I’ll take any suggestions in this thread into account for use in the server. The IP is
Obligatory Map Pics


Notice that when you’re above the maze you can see down, but when you’re on bottom, you can’t see up. (Side note: You CAN get up to the top. You won’t fall through, but you can shoot through and interact with physics objects through it.)


Time lapse of map’s doors changing

Like the idea and the map :smiley:

Once someone has worked out the maze once it will be too easy, you need to generate the maze randomly.

I suggest looking at the video. Each and every wall can move down or up in the floor, creating new walls and paths randomly on the go.


When I get home I’ll add the new prize balls that randomly effect any player on the server and I’ll add trap prize balls that have negative effects. Also if anyone has any suggested ratios of prizes, please post them here. Right now (I think) it is
Common - 50%
Uncommon - 30%
Rare - 15%
Extremely rare - 5%

With the addition of traps and the random player prize balls I was thinking of making it
Common - 40%
Uncommon - 24%
Rare - 12%
Extremely rare - 4%
Trap - 10%
Random effect - 10%
If that seems bad, post a different suggested ratio. Also if you want, post ideas of what traps should do. My idea is to randomly pick from a list which would include stripping weapons & ammo, stripping just ammo, and halving the health of the player who it happens to. The random effect ball would pick a player and give them a weapon, double their health, give them points (not sure how many), or color them invisible.
Again, if anyone has any suggestions, please post them. Ill read and take into account anything posted.

Server is back up now. Had some problems steam updating but they’re fixed. I urge anyone who’s interested to go play.

Just tried joining, and I got this:

Looking at the video I saw that since each wall moves, you can just stand near a wall till it goes down and then move forward…

That tactic actually takes a long time. And since you have no real bearing on your location, it wouldn’t matter anyway.

This seems really cool, I tired joining your server and its not responding. Any chance it will be up again?

I’d love to put this on my server but it looks like you don’t want to release it yet. The maps defiantly great too with the random paths.

So many props that you need to net to the player when they join…

No ip yet ?

This actually looks pretty cool. I would play this for sure

Sorry for the really late response to everyone, I have stopped working on this project. If anyone wants, I can put a download link up to what I have done right now though. Just ask in the thread if you want it.

I really want to try this out on my server. Shame you’ve stopped working on it :frowning: Could I have a download link?

You will need:
Scrumphud, the hud used by the gamemode
Put in addons. I wanted to integrate this into the gamemode by default but I could never get into contact with the creator of the addon to get permission.
Pointmod, the point system used
Addons. Never got in contact with the maker of this either.
Labyrinth, the actual gamemode.
Gamemodes. Should work, if it doesn’t, tell me and I can hopefully get it fixed.
Map used. Only map I know of that this would work with. Maybe flatgrass but that really isn’t a maze.

Enjoy, and tell me what you think of the gamemode. :smiley:

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Some shameless self-promotion while I’m here -
My minecraft server. Hope you’ll join, I just got the server and I’m hoping to get it popular. I’ve got regular world enabled, Nether enabled, sky dimension enabled, and a special biodome area enabled too. Biodome area is badass.

I’ve got this on my server now (IP:

Though I know you said you aren’t working on this, a popup saying “Press F2 (or any button) to see how to play” when players first spawn. Then F2 or whatever has some basic info on how to play.

Thanks for releasing it though, from what I’ve seen it is really fun :smiley:

Edit: And suddenly, zombies are immune to death. That’s not good.

Thanks! If you visit the pointmod thread, it’ll give you lots of info on how to add new buyable prizes to pointmod.
And yeah… I dunno bout those zombies. I remember that I never added the sound precaching so they don’t make sound either, in case you didn’t notice. I really don’t know what to do about the zombies not dying though. Sorry.