Open brush door (func_door) in Wiremod

I’ve been searching and I can’t seem to figure out a way, or find a way to open a brush door (say I renamed a func_door to door1) with wiremod. Could anyone guide me in this?

You have a tool named “Wired User”. That will work.

Edit: A bit more elaborate: The Wired user has an input “A” (for a button, numpad input or whatever). When pressed, it acts in the same manner as if you pressed the Use-key on whatever it points at (with a beam).

Ah thank you. Would you happen to know of any other methods? Say through identifying the door through an entity ID? Or am I just talkin up crazies?

As far as I know you can’t have an entity ID on world brushes. The way you find that out for sure is by spawning a ranger, having it output Entity ID and point it at an entity. I don’t think it will return anything when pointed at a world brush…

func_doors are entities and thus they have EntityIDs.