Open letter to RUST devs

Hey guys, I’d like to start by saying you’ve come a long way with the development of this amazing game, and i look forward for whatever is in store for Rust in the future!
That being said, I would to plead my case with you guys as far as having server-wide blueprints for “some” items in the game. I play on several servers, and especially within the first few days of a wipe i am stuck spending hours trying to get into my server if i get in at all… cough rustopia/rustafied cough I like high pop/player count servers because it forces more interactions between players, and honestly running around on a dead server just isn’t fun. I know having GUN or high-end gear blueprints that could go cross server would be ridiculous, but all I’m asking are for some of the mid-tier blueprints to be put on your steam account. I wouldn’t have an issue hopping around to more servers if my primaries were full if, say, i could take the wooden legs/chest armor and metal hatchet/pickaxe bps with me. It doesn’t need to a ton of stuff, but i think some more than what’s already offered would be an incentive for people who can’t join their primary servers to continue playing instead of saying “screw it” and not even logging in for the next week or two. I find it borderline impossible to enjoy my Rust experience when i can’t get into a server on wipe day or even a day or two after, then when i finally manage to get into one, 1 out 3 people i run into are already decked out in plate armor toting aks/bolts and kos’ing nakeds.
All i’m really asking here is to either include the wooden armor BACK into commonly/already known blueprints and allowing the purchase of SOME item’s blueprints through the rust market store. Id probably pay 5.00 a piece for the metal hatchet/ pick just to speed things up a bit if I’m stuck serverhopping the week after a wipe on my servers because I can’t join =\

This would be very hard to code

Persistent blueprints wouldn’t be that hard to code, they’d just need to be stored and accessed on more than individual servers. And from what garry has expressed, it is the direction he wants Rust to take.

sounds dangerously like the slope heading toward pay to win.

personally against persistent blueprints, but all for primitive gear being known from scratch.

It would only be pay to win, if you could actually buy those blueprints, until then, it would just be play to win.

i thought this new xp feature this is coming was all about keeping blue prints once you had earned the xp

well i hoped it was

don’t get me wrong, you would still have to grind to get the resources; but access to weapons/gear that other people have yet to find on a server is potentially very imbalancing, and would likely result in players boosting accounts (either for themselves, or for others to purchase). it’s hard enough coming to a new server where others have been playing since wipe and have access to most of the blueprints; imagine that on every server.