Open Menu in certain Vehicle

Hello, I have created a code with which I can open a menu while sitting in a vehicle. I would like to have it so that the menu only opens when I am sitting in a certain vehicle.

Hopefully you can help me

Using your menu opening method of choice, you can use player:GetVehicle() and either call GetClass() or some other method to make sure the player’s current vehicle (if any) is the correct one.

if (LocalPlayer():GetVehicle():GetClass() == "lunasflightschool_laatigunship") then

This is my Code but know i don’t know how i call a LFS Plane because when i am checking it it won’t work with LFS Planes but with Gmod Vehicles it Works

This has a list of all of the meta functions for LFS, I believe you’re looking for ply:lfsGetPlane()