Open minded people needed

Hey there, As I state many times on the forums, I am not a guy of text-brainwash, So I’ll get to the point without much introduction (even though this is sort of one).
Few days ago, I hit the forum with a thread, to grab whatever people would like to see in a current-day zombie survival game (which can be found here).

I have started writing the design document and I have started the development (on the programming side) of a base game (IE zombie AI, UI system etc.). At the moment, I cannot release too much information, because I don’t want to be sort of misleading cough Sergey Titov cough. Anyhow, I am looking for skilled people who would kindly want to donate a bit of their spare time to help shift a gear in the art aspects of the game (Since I work alone, It would take me ages to complete everything).

Anyone who is interested, will receive a copy of the design document and will be advised that parts, or the whole document may change.
Thanks, and have fun


I can make custom static props if your interested?

Needed. Details @ PM.

Would be interested, but in what engine are you actually building the game? Reading your previous topic but couldn’t find a straight answer, Source/Grit/CryEngine3?

Cannot tell due to previous statements, and also testing out the capabilities of the engines to provide the best gameplay experience.