open Propmenu on a server

Can someone make a lua script that opens the prop menu at any server Without Scriptenforcer?

Ty :stuck_out_tongue:

What exactly do you want?

A script that will make the spawn menu open on any server without scriptenforcer enabled.

I’m guessing you wanna do something on PERP or something like that?

yea something like that and more like TTT or other gamemodes

It’s impossible to do.

i dont know :stuck_out_tongue: i sux at lua but make then a srcript that i can spawn props or something

It doesn’t matter if the spawnmenu is open, You can use the gm_spawn command in console which should be blocked in those gamemodes.

I know But that You Able To do that on Other gamemodes

If you cant normally open it, then the command wont work either

That sux -.-

Its to prevent idiots spawning props on TTT.

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I could make an alternate gm_spawn but that would either be picked up by scriptenforcer and might get you VAC-banned.

You can’t get VAC-banned in GMod.

Make It so i can try?

no, he’s being dumb. It’s impossible. You can’t tell a server to spawn a prop unless it allows you to.
TTT and perp don’t allow you to spawn props, so you can’t spawn props.

Sure there are ways to bypass scriptenforcer and make the sandbox spawnmenu available in every gamemode, but it would be useless since you STILL won’t be able to spawn props.

You can get VAC Banned in garrysmod, How often does this have to be repeated?

The way i would have done it was to make ent_create (A default source console command) non cheat protected (sv_cheats has to be 1 to use the ent_* commands) and that can get you vac banned.

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If you want to try just type into console:

gm_spawn models/props_c17/Lockers001a.mdl 

And that will spawn a locker if you can spawn props on that server.

@FPtje: 't zal wel een belg zijn, aan zijn naam te zien. hij snapt het nog steeds niet :slight_smile:

The “he” in my previous post refers to you. You can’t make an “alternative gm_spawn” clientside. Unless you want to create props that don’t exist for other people (clientside props).

I’m not being dumb, gm_spawn won’t work on a server where it’s disabled and i told him that, but if you force sv_cheats 1 to 1 ent_create will work.

No it won’t unless you force sv_cheats 1 on the server, which is impossible clientside.

If what you say is true, people would go around servers spawning any entity you can imagine through ent_create. We don’t see that happening do we?

I’ve seen it happen on l4d, so why not on gmod?

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And i saw that ninjaedit.