Open Source HTML UI - Questions

I read somewhere that the Rust UI is going to be written in HTML and CSS and me open source is this true?

Also if anyone knows if there is a public repository on github or bitbucket could you post the source here, I am a web developer and this interests me very much.

Or if the UI isn’t public yet that info would be cool too.


I don’t see the words “open source” anywhere, only giving players access to the stylesheet.

Great thanks, do you know how we can access the stylesheet? Is it available anywhere yet?

wonder if they will allow mods to create UI’s in game.


Or, gah, pop-up friends lists and minimaps and radars.

But, if it makes people stop making threads about them once and for all, I’d be more than happy for those to be mods so they’d just be satisfied and stop posting about them. Then they can have what they want in peace.

Of course, every time a patch breaks any of it…

Pretty sure that this experimental test of putting a webpage on the ground in the experimental build is not a full HTML UI with a stylesheet cleaned up enough for publication and arbitrary modification. The dev blog uses “could” and “can”, not “are” and “will”.

The “when” on this is “whenever the devs have had time to get it working well enough to promote to the experimental build”, and it’s best not to ask garry for hard deadlines. He is working long hours on the game, as he mentions at the top of the devblog I linked in my first reply. It’ll be soon enough, because they’re building the whole game with a fairly small crew, although it has grown a bit lately.

Well, go to your Rust installation and open the folder “html”:


PS: I don’t know if here has all the files you need to customize or study…

I certainly hope so!

Yeah you’ll definitely be able to make an auction house by editing the html.