[Open Testing] VIP - CS1.6 Assassination remake

I’m not sure how to pretty this up, but i’ll do my best to make it look clean…**

VIP - CS1.6 ‘Assassination’ remake


The following are some features i’ve been tossing about in my head. Whether of not they’ll see the light of day is unknown.

If you want to see it in action, you can find my server here:

I may release the source for this if there is some demand for it. Its not complex, but it might not be pretty either.

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This gamemode is very barebones, thus the reason there is no media present.

More or less, i’d like to see how enjoyable it is amongst the community, in its current state. So really i’m looking for testers.

I’d also like to note for anyone who has tried to play, a minimum of 4 players must be present in order for the game to actually commence.

This is the function of the gamemode, and is used to stop potential glitches.

Post screenshots or don’t make a thread.
Read the sticky.

Just delete this thread.


Three posts in and he wants to delete the thread…

Yeah, there seems to be no interest in it, i’m not even interested anymore.

Its just taking up breathing room, no?

I’d release it, but to be honest its a fretta derivative, and the only real changes i’ve made are probably 20 lines of code. Not a whole lot to marvel at.

I’d have some media too, but theres nothing really going on here that i haven’t explained, that and my screenies would probably be of bots (if that matters, i wouldn’t think so).

Don’t be tough on yourself.