Open up the map!

Please open up the map, meaning add some more item zones, mutant animals and resource fields across the entire map. This game is kickass, but I hate being limited to the tiny area. You can’t really hide anymore because everyone knows every little nook and making a house too far away means no resources around. I wish I could just set up shop in the middle of the woods somewhere where I could still get resources but I wasn’t surrounded by 25 neighbors.

Another one of these threads? Great.

Sorry but there’s already so many threads like this one. You bring up the same things as all the other people want added to the game. The game is in a too early stage for this. Wait and you’ll see that the map will get bigger, if not more maps aswell.

Going to a smaller server may help with the neighbor issues.

No reason to open the map yet. Getting more places to run around doesn’t do much good in a game where community should exist.

It will open up in time, just have to be a little more patient

I wonder why they dont have this in the game? Hmm oh i know. Alpha.