Open World Mapping.

This isn’t exactly a help thread, rather an opinion thread.

I wanted to post and ask the community what they thought of open world maps inside of source. Now that garry has source code for the source engine, do you think he’ll add compatability for open world maps?
Open world maps aside, i realise that he’d have to ship his own map-editor to allow this. But think of it, How cool would it be if he did? it’d open up so many new possibilities, allowing gamemodes the space they need to become real RPGs. This idea has been bugging at the back of my head for some time now, and i’d really really like to know if this could be possible now that garry has the keys to the engine.

What do you all think? Think this will ever happen? If so, What would you strive to achieve with it?

Should read up on The Maw’s Devinity 2. It already has a space of… 18.7 trillion cubic Gmod units (Forgot the decimal number…) inside the Source Engine.

Garry has the source code? Since when?

And besides, I think he did a blog on why he wont

Most of his gamemode is clientside renders, predictions, and calculations. The rest of his gamemode depends on 3 entities and networking. Not every gamemode creator should have to take several years to release a single gamemode.

He pretty much recreated his own engine inside source to get to where he is now.

It didn’t really take several years, I talk to him on a daily-basis. (Sometimes disturbing his work a lot…)

It took several years to figure out how to make a map near-infinite. (Tribes gamemode he scrapped as pay-back).

The actual work he did on DV2 tho, was not a lot in terms of time he invested into it.

Regardless, he took more then a year to profect his gamemode. Even if he worked on his gamemode on and off, it took him the time it took him to get where he is now. My point: we shouldn’t be subjected to months and months of constant work to get a result that can be avoided if the map was bigger in the first place.

Personally, i think it’d be really cool if Garry followed the ARMA model and set up open world that way.

We have discussed this numerous times.
It’s not happening ever.

Source Engine 2 :v:

Even then i doubt support would be added.
Sure it sounds like a great addition, but who honestly has the time?
It would be more efficient to simply learn a different programming language and build your ‘gamemode’ in another engine that already supports such things, then you wouldn’t even need to have Garry’s Mod.

Four words: not going to happen. Numerous people already brought this up. And Garry already said no.

Alot of people seem to forget that Hammer has Z Vector space, You could of course just map a different part of the map Underneath, Or above a certain other piece, Then port the player appropriately when entering certain sectors.

Don’t know why no ones even tried this yet.

Have you ever tried to create a large detailed map? The size limit is the least of your worries

Indeed, I don’t think i have 5 months to waste on “Good Looking Maps”, Hammer is easy to use, But by god does it take forever.

This is all just theoretical. Im sure a team of five mappers working 2-5 hrs a day can make one in about two months or so, but that’s besides the point. Do you think it’s possible to pull off an open world feel in a map with that limit?

Uh, no they wouldn’t be able to, there’s these things called limits. You’ll be hitting the brush limit for sure before you even reach the map limit of 32768x32768 units, even if you plan on making the bulk of the map models, there’s no point in even going into this, the bottom line is larger maps in Source isn’t happening any time soon, especially not on Garry’s Mod.


The only way to get around it, and it’s not really getting around anything, is to do what I was planning on doing with this gamemode:

Which is just making a ‘giant’ map, preferably islands so it contributes to the immersion factor, and have players use a “dock” to sail away for a few thousands units on a “sea” before being transported to another server with another ‘giant’ map, and so on, which is about as good as it will get on Garry’s Mod, as in real MMORPGs you’re dealing with loading screens anyways, so I don’t think waiting a less than a minute to get onto another “immersive world” is that big of a deal.

More hosting space needed though, Sadly.

Why is this a opinion thread ?
The answer is pretty clear.
People said they wanted to make maps bigger, not gigantic but bigger garry said it’s not worth it and would be hard to do.
Some guy said though that you could just make the players and objects smaller but then it may glitch.

I’m wondering what a map has to do with Lua though…

Because in Maw’s Devinity 2, the entire “map” is made using Lua and rendering tricks. It’s space so there’s nothing in terms of terrain, but that’s okay, as long as he has a huge map that makes your normal map only a solar system, or even smaller in his gamemode…

Can’t even find that game but still in garrysmod it isn’t made with lua if you haven’t realized this yet. This is a sub category of garrysmod not “Maw’s Devinity 2”.